your lovely las vegas courtesan

Let Me Be Your Fanta

 It takes a certain type of woman to master and truly enjoy being a companion, and for reasons too complex to expand on here, I believe this is something that is innate in me. In addition to being a sex kitten and a passionate people-pleaser, I am also a professional performing artist, by nature, but also with years of experience on the live stage. Now, being a man's fantasy truly makes me purrrrrr. I GENUINELY enjoy "playing that part" so I love it when you let me. And regardless of whether or not any of the ideas listed below actually peak your interest, you can always trust that nothing about our time together will ever seem fake or "scripted" as in fact, this is just truly different facets of my true personality anyway. 


~  The Perfect Date- A beautiful woman to spend the night on the town with you for much needed companionship, good conversation, and just letting loose a little without the concerns of relationship expectations and emotional attachment. (suggest at 3 to 6 hours)

~  The Erotic Stranger- She will seduce you at the bar or gaming tables until you take her back to your room to man handle her a bit, and even showing a bit of her exhibitionist side, leaving you with a devilish sense of satisfaction for days to come. (suggest 2 or 3 hours)

~  The Party Girl- That hot chic you just happen to "meet" at the club and make your buddies jealous with because you ditch them and take her back to your hotel room with YOU. (suggest 2 hours, but must be at a club within walking distance of your room)

~  The Mistress- The perfect blend of submissive and agressive bombshell of your fantasies. Your ultimate secret desire. (suggest 2 to 6 hours)

~  The Muse- That gorgeous woman whose sole purpose is to pamper you for once... to help you fully relax in a quiet room, maybe withcandles, soft music, a few light cocktails, and possibly a soothing massage... She will melt away your stress. Let her be your therapy. (suggest 2 hours)

~  The Trophy Wife- The epitome of elegance and grace, the woman on your arm with you at dinner, a show or even at a special event who can ACTUALLY hold an intelligent conversation with your friends and/or colleagues and still make it clear she is YOURS. (suggest 3 to 6 hours 


You can suggest ideas of your own too. I am extremely receptive and eager to please, so I will always do my best to "transform" into your fantasy date. But please understand this extends only within the realm of realistic expectations, my personal boundaries, and abilities. 

Also, I do have some even more "taboo" scenarios I am willing to explore, however for the sake of the discretion and privacy of any person with whom I spend time (and myself) I have chosen to make these details available only on my Members Only page. Please consider joining if you are interested in my more..... erotic.... side. ;)