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P411 handle- Lina- 199146

Erotic Monkey- Lina Lin - 092895

ECCIE- 1LinaLin - 313489

TER- 286841


~~~ REVIEWS ~~~

It is has indeed been very frustrating to lose TER as a means of providing you with reviews. I relied most heavily on that site to attract the perfect date because that site was arguably the best we had for our community as a whole, and my reputation on that site at the time it was removed from US access was great. I was consistently in the top 50 providers in Vegas for going on 2 years!

Although you can no longer find my TER reviews directly through a US source, I believe it is possible for you to search from a VPN, or other method, under area code (702) and then my name (Lina.) If not, I still do have others available on Erotic Monkey, ECCIE and TNABoard although most of them will unfortunately not be as current as the ones that were on TER.







Something to ponder......

How can you tell if a provider legitimately deserves a "bad reputation"?

Let's face it. It boils down to REVIEWS, specifically the PERCENTAGE of positive or negative reviews.

If a provider is truly dishonest, a thief, a liar, rude, rushes you, criticizes you, has poor hygiene, is UNRECOGNIZABLE from her pics... then MOST of her reviews WILL reflect that. Full stop.

But when it comes to providers who have at least 90% positive reviews then it's just fact that virtually any negative reviews she has are written by hobbyists with unrealistic expectations seeking vengeance for a bruised ego, and not TRUE wrongdoing against them in any way.

It is impossible for every provider to "click" perfectly with every single date, instead it might actually just be a personality clash, and those are completely unavoidable especially in a profession such as this.

Also, it may be difficult for SOME hobbyists to remember that providers are HUMAN who WILL inevitably have a bad day (yes, sometimes even on their date day) as opposed to being automated machines without "imperfections" including SLIGHT differences in her appearance from her photos.

And then there's the hobbyist that struggles pretty severely with ego and refuses to accept when any tainted experience is factually the result of HIS OWN shortcomings, and so he finds every excuse to blame the provider and will usually write it in a review just to feel "vindicated."

Thankfully my experience shows those hobbyists are still very much a minority. Still, because it is the PROVIDER who suffers repercussions of a bad review, it is DANGEROUSLY ILLOGICAL for any hobbyist to BELIEVE a negative review of a provider when she has only a few out of over 100 or just one or two.

Ultimately, it is the percentage of positive reviews of a provider that tells you everything you need to know. The bottom line: If over 90% of one provider's reviews are positive, then you can be virtually 100% certain that any negative review is the result of a hobbyist's unrealistic expectations- his own shortcomings, a personality clash, a bad day, and/or only slight variances in appearance or a rejection by the provider, along with a delicate ego. NOT because the provider is legitimately "bad" and to be avoided.  

You must remember that the longer a lady stays in this business it is satistically inevitable that she will come upon a "nightmare" client who WILL post fake/negative review/posts out of spite, usually for only one of two reasons. 1) Unrealistic expectations and a fragile ego. 2) LEGITIMATE BEHAVIORAL REASONS for the provider to deny a hobbyist and again, a fragile ego.


My first real "nightmare" client is a local who is currently very actively trying to ruin my good reputation by regulalry posting fake reviews and libel on public forums for going on 17 months now. One example is when he OUTED MY REAL NAME AND ADDRESS ON HOBBY SITES with the explicit purpose of providing that information to anyone who may feel compelled to assault or rape me. He also has written at least two fake reviews and MANY libelous posts. (And when discovered and reported, the user name he was using WAS BANNED EVERY TIME. But of course he just made more and started again.) He has also threatened me AND my children, vandalized my car twice, and stalked and harassed me simply because I made the decision to stop seeing him in the summer of 2017 for increasingly erratic behavior.

IN SPITE OF ALL MY OTHER REVIEWS...... hearing only HIS side could convince you that HE is a victim of a "violent thief." This, ALSO in spite of seeing me regulary for about 2 years, having written at least TWO of my best reviews ever, admitting to falling in love with me, and having ZERO complaints UNTIL AFTER I REFUSED HIM. His main course of action is extortion: "Pay me or start seeing me again or bad things are going to happen and will continue to happend until you submit to one of those demands. If you don't, I will start by making sure you lose your livelihood."

At this point I am pursuing charges against him for the felony of Extortion, which carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison in Nevada if found guilty. But until he is officially held accountable by the law, I am convinced HE WILL NOT STOP in his efforts to destroy my reputation as Your Lovely Las Vegas Courtesan, and therefore my livelihood.

However, I refuse to believe he will actually be successful in his crusade. The bottom line: My percentage of positive reviews is even higher than 90%! A hard-earned good reputation is all but impervious to the maniacal ramblings of any "nightmare client" or even a few bad days, personality clashes.

The reviews speak for themselves for those who take the time to do their "due-diligence" rather than make their decision based on one review, whether it's the most recent or not, so everything he is trying to "prove" is always going to be HEAVILY outweighed by the truth.....

.....that I am honest, easy to get along with, fun, enthusiastic about pleasing my dates... AND GOOD AT IT because I ALWAYS give my all from the moment I begin corresponding to the final kiss goodbye, leaving my dates feeling hopefully nothing less than euphoric with amazing memories to take with them. Overall, my reputation and 99% of my REVIEWS (100% once the most recent fake is taken down) prove that I am truly a top quality provider who genuinely enjoys being your companion. :*