your lovely las vegas courtesan




If you are reading this, chances are you "stumbled" on this site by accident and clicked because you were interested in what you saw on one of several escort sites and not because you saw it in any recent post or add. I will forever and always feel flattered when someone considers me for their date so THANK YOU. :*

But over the past two years my health has been steadily and severely declining to the point that I am remiss to announce that it has finally cumlinated and come to a head... stage 2 breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes.

I will be beginning Chemotherapy by the beginning of July 2019 for at least 6 months and then facing surgery and radiation treatment.






I found the lump in January 2019 and it was not there 18 months prior. It's aggressive and it "invaded" fairly quickly, but my prognosis as of now is actually hopeful.... including the fact that most likely I will not be losing "the girls"! ;)

However the fact is I WILL be losing my hair as just ONE of the side effects..... and let's face it, for these purposes, it's probably the most important side effect of all. But hair grows back and I am choosing to not shut down my site completely because there is no reason to be fatalistic! Maybe in a year or so my body will have finally gotten the care it's been needing for quite some time and I will be able to put this website back up in its entirety again, but only time will tell..... ;) 

Regardless of what the future holds, I want all you fellas out there to know that my experience as a Las Vegas escort from 2015 through 2018, having earned a place in the top 50 Las Vegas providers on TER consitently for about 2 of those years before we lost that site in the U.S. was HONESTLY one of the BEST DECISIONS I MADE FOR MYSELF AS A SINGLE WOMAN WHO GENUINELY ENJOYS BEING A MAN'S "FANTASY DATE." 

SO TO ALL THOSE WHO HELPED MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO REMEMBER THIS TIME FONDLY.... which honestly, is the VAST majority of you.... I THANK YOU AND WHO KNOWS.... maybe we WILL meet (for the first time or again) someday. :*