your lovely las vegas courtesan



If we have set a date the following addresses basic but important common courtesy expectations for our date and may also answer some questions you may have. I feel it is very important and that it may prove to be very helpful for our time together. :)

~  When planning to meet in public please always consider attire and coordinating it with me to avoid looking "out of place" as much as possible. ;) If you don't have plans that require business or formal wear for your stay here, I would suggest packing at least a nice pair of slacks, shirt, and shoes for our date (or more dressy if we plan to dine and/or attend a show or event) so that we look as much like a "couple on a date" as possible while in public, because I will NEVER look just "everyday casual" for you. ;)

~  Please do not neglect your manners, hygiene or your health for our date, especially if you take any kind of heart or seizure medication. 

Along with not being freshly showered, well groomed from head to toe, and smelling good for our date (just as I always will be for you) if you smoke or have halitosis that you neglect for our date, this will definitely affect my desire to get close to you in public, not to mention in private. (Sadly, I know this from experience.) 

 Also, please mind your behavior at all times during our date, whether in private or public. I love to let loose and have fun but I do not enjoy negative attention or drama. I enjoy drinks and allow myself to get buzzed but I ALWAYS REMAIN COHERENT AND WELL MANNERED FOR OUR ENTIRE TIME TOGETHER AND I EXPECT NO LESS OF YOU. If you are under the influence to the point of incoherency and/or should you have illegal substances on your person for our date, I will regretfully terminate our date immediately.

~  Please remember that for dates of 90 minutes or 2 hours where you would prefer to stay in your room (or if meeting at your private residence) to please make beverages available in concordance with the pre-requisite addressed on my Rates page.
~  Please be prepared to "meet me half way." For outcall I always drive myself and am always prepared to pay for parking or valet. However, if I must walk beyond 15 minutes AFTER I park in order for us to meet, please understand that time will be counted against our time so please plan accordingly.
~  Please be open to honestly communicating your thoughts, needs, desires, and even concerns that may arise with me in a kind and respectful manner, especially DURING our time together. As intuitive as I may be, everyone is different and I am not able to read your mind, and if at any point you feel that I am not "meeting your expectations" but you are also refusing to communicate with me, this is incredibly unfair to me, especially if you are writing a review. Your effort to respectfully communicate with me is a sign of maturity and mutual respect, and it is very much appreciated and well received. And I can promise you that our experience will be better for BOTH of us when there is open communication throughout our entire date, often exceeding any realistic expectations either of us may have had. :*

~  NEVER, under any circumstance, attempt to hand me the donation directly unless it is in a gift bag.  This may be a reason I will terminate our date immediately.

- For meeting in a public location, please put my donation in a small gift bag and present it to me upon meeting. 

- For meeting at your resort room or private residence, please place it out in plain sight on your bathroom counter.

- For incall, simply place it anywhere in plain sight immediately after I invite you in.

Regardless, please do NOT put my donation in an envelope or card of any kind.

~  Please never forget that any monies exchanged are for TIME only. Life and difficult itineraries can certainly get in the way of the best laid plans and should you need to make any adjustments to our plans, I am always willing to accommodate you to the best of my ability. However due to the honest and thorough content of this website, should you choose to make a date with me without adequately researching this site but then decide you need to cancel only after we have met, that this will have made it impossible for me to compensate for that lost time so PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT IN THAT CASE YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR THE VISIT IN FULL.