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Some Helpful Insight


I believe that for the most part, those who choose this type of arrangement understand the difference between "connection" and "attachment" and that it is genuine connection that makes for amazing experiences between hobbyists and companions, and that "attachment" is NOT what hobbyists (OR companions) should seek through the hobby, as many times it crosses emotional boundaries that could possibly threaten the personal life of the hobbyist, even if the feelings are mutual. By "connection" I mean that we always show respect for each other as individuals and our private lives, both on our date AND afterwards, as well as the boundaries inherent in this type of arrangement, including but not limited to friendly but limited correspondence between dates.


However, unfortunately sometimes it is unavoidable that someone may not seem to be very well versed in appropriate protocol between hobbyist and companion. So along with my Correspondence page this page is also quite lengthy, and additionally does not contain the most upbeat information. It is here only as a convenience for anyone interested who may have questions about what is and is not acceptable behavior between hobbyist and companion, from the companion's point of view. :)


So listed below are things which make it difficult, if not impossible, for a companion to develop and/or maintain a genuine connection between herself and hobbyist.

~  NOT REMAINING RESPECTFUL AND PROFESSIONAL AT ALL TIMES IN YOUR CORRESPONDENCE. This will be a reason I cease corresponding or cancel a date. Although I tend to be patient, especially with "newbies", receiving messages with sexually explicit language, outright vulgarity, or even when asking questions about what I do in an explicit manner is unacceptable. My Members Only page, which is free and secure, answers virtually any question you might have and was put in place precisely to help avoid "awkward" and potentially compromising exchanges.

~  EXCESSIVE MESSAGING. Again, I am very patient, especially with "newbies" AND I tend to correspond more than most other providers in general in an effort to establish a genuine connection before we even meet if we have a date set. I believe this sets me apart from many if not most, other providers and I sincerely enjoy it. However, there IS a difference between establishing a connection through reasonable correspondence and becomming high maintenance with excessive messages, especially considering that virtually any question you might have is likely already answered somewhere here on this site. Please remember that I am never compensated for the time I put in to correspondence (and I do not resent that) but exploiting this with excessive messaging is a reason I may cease corresponding or cancel our date.

~  BEING OBVIOUSLY CHEAP. I am well aware of the fact that nothing is cheap in Vegas, including your donation to me for our time together. But part of the reason I keep my rates competetive and offer more than the average amount of discounts is because I don't take that for granted. And although gifts and/or tips are always incredibly appreciated, there is certainly no NEED for that to make me feel "valued" as your date. For incall I always provide beverages at my own expense and I don't drink or eat excessively when we meet for drinks or have a dinner date. I am definitely not a clock-watcher and I NEVER UPCHARGE FOR ANY REASON.

So when someone makes it obvious they are actively avoiding offering that extra drink or extra few dollars at the gaming tables (as just a few examples) especially when they are also getting a discount, I then start to feel nominal and second-rate and it becomes clear to me then that I am not the right provider for you.

I am a companion who treats our time together as a legitimate DATE where I take my time to focus on you in every way, and make every effort to make you feel like king of the world when you are with me, and this is of much greater value than the type of provider who only does the bare minimum in a rushed 30 to 60 minute date whereupon she may even leave early in order to rush to her 6th or 7th date that day. However it's inarguably for the cheapest donation possible and where no "extras" such as drinks are requested, so that type of provider is more likely the right type for someone who will resent spending "that extra on drinks."

~  PUTTING ME IN THAT "AWKWARD SITUATION." My reviews clearly indicate that I am not a clock watcher, however allowing our date to go past our agreed time should always remain EXCLUSIVELY AT MY DISCRETION. If our set time is approaching its end and you would like me to stay well beyond that time, the respectable thing to do at that point is simply ask me if I am available to stay while immediately offering to add the difference for the requested time. Not doing so while passively-aggressively insinuating that you want me to stay is exploitive and will unfortunately have the opposite effect: I will fulfill ONLY the original time agreement and then politely take my leave. And understandably I will not be willing to see you again.

~  NOT PUBLISHING A REVIEW WITHIN 2 WEEKS WHEN RECEIVING THE REVIEW DISCOUNT. As I stated on my Rates And Discounts page, the discount is applied immediately rather than to a potential future visit, therefore it is based on honor. If our time together was good (or hopefully even better than good ;)) not publishing a review reflecting your positive experience after receiving the discount is a betrayal of trust and therefore also a reason I will not be willing to see you again.

~  REPEATEDLY SCHEDULING AND CANCELLING. Please don't schedule a date with me unless you are 99% sure that the only way it will get cancelled is due to legitimately unforeseeable, EXTENUATING and BELIEVABLE circumstances, which I would never hold against you. But because that happens only very rarely, I can only excuse it once. The second time it happens, my graciousness in trying to reschedule is purely benefit of the doubt. But the third time it happens, this tells me you are not serious about followoing through with plans in general and have zero respect for my time, so once this has happened 3 times, I will never again be willing to schedule with you. 


The following behaviors, I feel show that a man likely does not see, much less respect legal escorts as the people they are, but rather as nothing more than commodities to be bought, and I am simply unable to tolerate these behaviors. So if a gentleman is truly interested in spending time with me, he will NEVER....

~  ...SEND ME ONE-LINE INQUIRIES. I am not an automated machine. I am a person who deserves the same respect and manners from you as you would show anyone in a professional setting. If you can't take the time to at least introduce yourself in a friendly manner (even if just a first name, telling me where you saw my info and when you are looking to set a date with me) in that case I already know I am not the right provider for you and I will certainly not expend any of MY time on you by responding. 
~  ...ASK ME TO SEND YOU MORE PICS. I am not a personal jerk-off app, guys. :/ And with the more than average amount of pics I make available here, asking me to send you pics at any time for any reason is absolutely infuriating, not to mention unacceptable.

~  ...HAGGLE. I am not a cheap souvenir at a swap-meet.  It is terribly disappointing to receive a message where my rates are being haggled (whether it's overtly or passive-aggressively) because up to that point, I was very likely excited to meet you (or see you again.)

If you found a housekeeper that cleaned for you exactly the way you like you would never say to her: "You're the best housekeeper I've ever had and I would like you to clean for me regularly. So do I get a discount now?" No respectable person would do this because they understand she is a person providing a service during a specified amount of time for which you are willing to compensate her, and haggling with her would be insulting to her, considering that the better the service, the more she should be offered, not less. If her rates are not within your budget in the first place, then you would have never called on her. If my rates do not fall within your budget, then I ask that you simply not contact me.


Blacklisting is an unfortunate part of the hobby. As a legal escort I have been fortunate to have encountered only a handful of dates who deserved to be blacklisted. However, I still include the information here to make clear the behaviors for which I will actually Blacklist someone, and why. 

~  UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Please always remember that I am an individual human being and have a basic human right to be treated with autonomy and respect at all times, and I will always return the courtesy.

I am not a "Stepford Wife Robot" and I WILL NOT TOLERATE the company of someone who holds irrational expectations of me as a legal escort that include but are not limited to being able to read their mind at all times during our date and when failing to do so, causes them to withdraw and become distant and resentful, thereby ruining our time together simply because they refuse to openly communicate with me. Or worse, causes them to become observably offended and/or even belligerent and verbally abusive.

Exhibiting this disturbing and possibly abusive mentality will not only terminate our date prematurely, but will get you Blacklisted. 

~  HARRASSMENT. Once our date is over, harrassing me in messages (especially abusively) for whatever erratic and dubious reason claimed is the justification for doing so will never be dignified with responses, however every message will be kept on file. This includes threats or actual actions to write negative reviews, make contact with suitors who have previously reviewed me to harrass THEM, post obsessively on forums to slander me, or threaten to report me to law enforcement. Scare tactics are the weapon of cowards and I guarantee they will only backfire, not to mention, get you Blacklisted.

~  DEMANDING REIMBURSEMENT. My reviews alone should prove that I genuinley enjoy what I do and always strive to (and very often succeed at) exceeding the expectations of my dates. 

However at any point during our date should you feel our connection is lacking, the ONLY RESPECTABLE ACTION to take is to courteously end our date IMMEDIATELY upon realizing this. If you have the sense to do this I would never expect full compensation. I will only take the amount corresponding to the amount of time we have spent together up to that point.

However, if you go through the whole date, and only AFTER I have fulfilled my time obligation to you, you claim you were not satisifed with me or the activities that took place during our time together and demand reimbursement, not only is this a blatant con to get my time for nothing, but you are also implicating yourself in ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Any such claim will be dismissed but is a reason I will Blacklist someone. 

Always remember that I am a LEGAL ESCORT and your donation is for my TIME ONLY. NOTHING that happens during our time together is something for which your donation can legally compensate, and therefore be reimbursed for.